Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

established on January 1,2006
last updated on March 23,2022

Net Chart Japan Inc. (hereinafter called the "Company" ) considers that personally identifiable information ( "personal information" ) should be treated carefully based on the principle of respect for individuals. The Company recognized its responsibility to protect your personal information strictly with the aim of protecting your personal rights as an organization that handles its customers’ important information in the course of its computer networking business and other operations. Therefore, to fulfill its role and responsibility in society, the Company established the following Privacy Policy, which it will notify to its personnel, and make sincere efforts to handle all personal information properly.

1. Compliance Program and Person in Charge

The Company will establish a compliance program for Privacy Policy, which is a practical guideline of handling personal information, to make all its employees fully recognize the importance of protection of personal information. To ensure that the program is executed, the Company assigns a person in charge of managing your personal information.

2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

When the Company collects your personal information, it makes efforts to specify the purpose of use as much as possible.The scope of such collection is limited to the extent necessary.The Company does not collect personal information without your consent or in an inadequate way.

The Company uses and provides your personal information within the scope of the purpose notified in accordance with the above, and obtains your prior approval in cases where the Company will use or provide your personal information outside the scope of such purpose.

3. Security of Personal Information

The Company takes sufficient measures to protect your personal information from risks such as unauthorized access, information leaks, destruction, tampering, disclosure or otherwise. If a lapse or an accident in handling personal information should occur, the Company would institute prompt response to prevent its recurrence as well as to minimize any potential damage.

4. Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries

When you wish to complain or inquire about the handling of personal information or correct, eliminate or suspend using your personal information, you may contact the contact point at the Company, and it will respond to such requests within a reasonable amount of time.

5. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

The Company abides by the laws and regulations applied with regard to personal information. Compliance Program of the Company will be updated in accordance with the modification of the laws and regulations.

6. Improvement of Personal Information Management System

The Company will make continuous efforts to improve its personal information management system by regular audit in order to maintain its justness.

Kasuhiro Kusumoto, President & CEO
Tatsuya Furuno, Personal Information Protection Manager
Net Chart Japan Inc.

Personal data collected in EEA and transferred from EEA

Please refer to IIJ Group Global Privacy Policy for personal data collected in European Economic Area (henceforth "EEA" on this page) and transferred from EEA.


NCJ has committed to handle and protect personal information properly based on Privacy Policy. With regard to personal information, collected and stored to be provided for use of its computer networking business, NCJ will inform you of the following.

1. Name and Location of Provider

Net Chart Japan Inc.
YS Shin-Yokohama Bldg. 2-15-10 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222-0033, Japan
TEL : 045-476-1411

2. Purpose of Stored Personal information

NCJ uses collected and stored personal information, in conducting its business activities, in the following purposes. When NCJ notifies you of a purpose of use individually or publicly announces your personal information, it will use your personal information in that specified purposes.

Purpose of Use: Personal Information Collected Other than Direct, Written Form

  • For performing operations related to the provision of NCJ services, such as notifications and information about service details.

Purpose of Use: Personal Information of NCJ Customers

  • For management and after-care of the technology and services provided to the customers
  • For contact with the customers to provide the technology and services upon request
  • For negotiations, fulfillment of contract, call of duty and other operations with customers

Purpose of Use: Personal Information of Suppliers

  • For contact with the suppliers
  • For cooperation with the suppliers
  • For negotiations, fulfillment of contract, call of duty and other operations with suppliers

Purpose of Use: Personal Information of Shareholder

  • For exercise of rights and performance of obligations based on corporation law
  • For providing shareholders with accommodation
  • For management of the data of shareholders to summarize and submit it in accordance with the requirement based on laws and regulations

Purpose of Use: Personal Information of Applicants for NCJ

  • For providing necessary information to applicants or making contact with them
  • For screening applicants
  • For performing human resources operations for new NCJ employees

Purpose of Use: Personal Information of NCJ Employees

  • For performing human resources operations for employees, including fulfillment and submission of necessary documentation to authority, and for employee management
  • For uses within the scope of compliance of laws, regulations, and guidelines for personal information protection
  • For other necessary business operations

Purpose of Use: Personal Information entrusted to NCJ for handling

  • For input necessary customers’ information to their network equipment, such as servers, client computers and other equipment, upon request to provide appropriate services of network design or construction

3. Proffer of Personal Information to the Third Party

  • NCJ will not provide your personal information to any third party without your consent unless as provided in the previous section or required by law or otherwise.
  • NCJ may provide your personal information, such as name, work place, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address or others, for NCJ’s group companies if it is necessary for business operations executed in cooperation with them.

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5. Contact on Personal Information or Privacy Policy

Personal Information
Support Service
Administration, Net Chart Japan Inc.
Mailing Address YS Shin-Yokohama Bldg. 2-15-10 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama,
Kanagawa 222-0033, Japan
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